Facebook Marketing for Travel Brands

Duration : 60 - 90 minutes

How To Craft An Effective Campaign to Increase Conversions

Organic reach is almost a thing of the past for many, if not most pages active on Facebook. Yet, with 1.8 billion active users, of which more than 1.2 billion are active EVERY day, Facebook has truly become a must for brands seeking to connect with travelers. On a media that has thus become pay-to-play, there are now many opportunities for travel marketers who want to reach their target audiences. In this power session, we’ll cover:

  • A round-up of the different possible campaigns with Facebook Ads Manager
  • How to set-up a campaign: tricks and pitfalls to avoid
  • Audiences: target options, customizing and refining
  • Tips to monitor success and track the right metrics

Who should attend this session? Anyone already managing a Facebook page, wanting to learn how to go beyond “getting more likes” or simply “boosting a post”, by crafting a marketing campaign leading to more trafic on a website, getting more views for a video, increasing mobile app downloads, etc. This is an intermediate level session.

Past presentations

Facebook Marketing for Travel Brands
TBEX North America, Minneapolis

Facebook Marketing for Travel Brands
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Facebook Marketing for Travel Brands
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