We keep talking about the shortage of workers in North America in hospitality, and the challenges it entails with attracting new talent and retaining your current employees. Yet shortage of labor is NOT a new phenomenon, and we could see it coming from afar. The pandemic has simply exacerbated many aspects of this crisis.
How can marketing techniques help overcome these challenges and provide a competitive advantage in this difficult environment? Applying these principles to a human ressources context is called HR marketing and requires more than simply bells and whistles for a company to strive!
During this 45 minutes keynote, we cover:
  • Scenario on the current context of labor shortage in Canada and North America
  • The basics of HR marketing: positioning and employer branding, segmentation and social media targeting
  • Crafting an effective communication plan: prioritizing platforms, content, frequency, tone and manner, etc.
  • Reputation management: know what is being said about your business … and respond, according to industry best practices!

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