Mobile Marketing Tips for Travel Brands [INFOGRAPHIC]

October 17, 2018

The folks at Filmora recently produced this insightful infographic on the state of mobile influence on travel marketing in 2018, including some helpful tips for brands seeking to make the most of this new reality. While the stats and tips featured here are not necessarily travel-specific, I find them nevertheless to be quite relevant to tourism and hospitality brands wanting to connect and reach out with travelers, in particular Millenials.

A couple of key nuggets, for example:

  • People aged 16-24 spend on average 3.26 hours per day on their mobile device, compared to 0.58 hours per day for folks aged 55+
  • Nearly half (48%) of Millenials watch videos ONLY on their mobile device
  • Millenials are 3X more likely than Boomers to watch video on their mobile device
  • Mobile devices are used for 75% of the time people spend on social media
  • After Education, Tourism is considered the most interesting vertical for AR and VR marketing strategies

Check out the full infographic below.

Mobile Marketing Tips for Travel Brands

Frederic Gonzalo
Frederic Gonzalo

Senior marketing and communications expert & speaker with more than 20 years of expertise in the travel and hospitality industry. Consulting since early 2012, I provide strategic planning, social media & mobile development counseling to small and medium businesses alike. Reach me at

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