Is Working Vacation An Oxymoron ? [INFOGRAPHIC]

June 25, 2019

Being consistently connected through one of our electronic devices has certainly improved the efficency of modern communications but let’s face it: it’s getting really hard to break free. We already know that Americans are among the people who take the least vacations on Earth – only 10 days per year on average – yet it’s startling to find out that 47% of them didn’t even use all of their few vacation days in 2018!

The folks at came up with this infographic laying out a few interesting tips to make the most of working vacations. So how can companies make their employees more enclined to use their time off, break free and be overall more productive? Here are just five of these tips:

  • Use flextime: 78% of employees say flexible time arrangements increased their productivity at work
  • Equip employees for remote working: 43% of Americans work remotely in some capacity
  • Employ a vacation bonus
  • Support bleisure travel. For more on this, read From Business Travel to Bleisure Travel
  • Organize company hikes, camping trips and retreats

Check out the complete infographic below.

Working Vacations 2019 Infographic

Frederic Gonzalo
Frederic Gonzalo

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