Social Media Tips To Market Your Event [INFOGRAPHIC]

January 23, 2020

Social media can be a useful and powerful resource when it comes to planning and promoting events, summits or conferences. Before the event, it acts as a tremendous tool to inspire participants to register, promote speakers and content as well as educate about the destination or venue where the event is being held.

During the event, social media have become the go-to platforms to get attendees to share questions, comments, photos and/or behind-the-scenes stories that can go a long way in helping organizers show how successful the event was, in particular when it is recurring.

18 ways to use social media to market your event

Below is a cheat sheet reminder of how social media can be used in order to properly marketing your event, specially before and during, with 18 tips divided into six main categores:

  1. Plan your strategy
  2. Use social media to drive ticket sales
  3. Understand how to use Facebook in early event promotion
  4. Choose your event hashtag
  5. Une Instagram to drive ticket sales
  6. Use Linkedin to encourage event networking

How do you use social media in your events?

How To Use Social Media To Market Your Event from Total Event Resources
Frederic Gonzalo
Frederic Gonzalo

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