How Mobile Travel Has Changed in 10 Years

September 12, 2017

The whole world is abuzz today as Apple is set to unveil its new iPhone 8 and its slew of new functionalities. Yet, today also marks the 10th anniversary of the launch of the iPhone, back in 2007 when Steve Jobs was at the helm of the Cupertino brand.

The iPhone, just like its brother the iPod, was not the first in its category. Other smartphones existed, just like there were other portable music playing devices. But it certainly paved the way for the revolution we have experienced in the past decade, leading to staggering adoption rates worldwide, and new consumer behaviors in tow.

The folks at Travelport Digital created this simple but effective infographic that summarizes some of the key impacts from 10 years of iPhone in the travel sphere. Here are some of highlights:

  • In 2007, smartphones represented 3% of all devices. In 2017, they represent more than 50%
  • In 2008, 51% of consumers used travel agents to book flights, and 47% to book hotels. In 2017, only 8% consumers book through travel agents!
  • Between 2008 and 2010, it was estimated that 20% of airlines offered mobile check-in, with only 1% of travelers taking advantage of the technology. In 2016, 75% or airlines provided mobile check-in, and 1 in every 5 travelers used the technology

How has iPhone impacted the way you travel?

Apple iPhone 10 years infographic travel


Frederic Gonzalo
Frederic Gonzalo

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