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Awesome video to #MakeItCount

Every now and then comes a sensation video that, for one reason or another, strikes an emotional chord with large audiences. I saw this one swing by in my Facebook newsfeed through a couple of friends in the past few days, so I decided to take a look at it. It blew me away. Check it out, and read on, after the video:

I mean, don’t you just feel like throwing everything away and run for the nearest airport to start your own adventure? And more importantly, just how the heck does one do so many things in only 10 days???

All jokes aside, the editing of this video gives it superb rythm, similar to a fast jogging pace (pun intended), and I am not familiar with the video director Casey Neistat but he seems like a likeable chap, in particular after making that dive of 30-40 feet into what looks like a cenote…

Elements of a great video

So why is this video so effective and with the potential to go big online? (Well, it was uploaded on Youtube on April 9th and has already close to 4 million views!)

Evocative images

It’s what we sell in the tourism industry, the Arc de Triomphe, the Pyramids, wild animals, the adventure…


These two dudes have plenty, with that hilarious scene about crappy airplane food and what seems to be a sausage 😉


Quotes from famous people interspersed strategically across the video give it an overall impact that inspires and helps deliver an impactful message.


From the get-to, the video director explains the dare, so we’re curious to follow through to see how far this adventure will go. The music, the images, the silence leading to his jump, some awesome photography are all elements that cater to our emotional side, the one that craves for a trip around the world… or at least across the country!

Many travel destinations have realized the power of videos and most have a presence with a dedicated Youtube channel. Unfortunately, due to budgets, time and resources often come short and so we don’t always put in the required efforts to make it sustainable.

But as we saw with the recent acquisition of Instagram by Facebook, photo sharing is popular as ever and the same can be said about video, specially when the sharing is made easy and production doesn’t become a deterrent to having more videos in the first place.

Of course, the one question that remains unanswered while watching this video is: how much money did Nike give to Casey Neistat to begin with, in order to put into images what it means to #makeitcounts ? There sure were a lot of flights during these 10 days… What’s your guess?

And let’s say you were given 50,000$, where would you go and what would you do?

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