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Google Flight Search: evolution or revolution?

Less than a year after its controversial purchase of ITA, Google finally unveiled yesterday its foray into the travel industry by launching Flight Search. The news became the instant talk of the town in the travel industry, yet the jury is still out to determine whether if this new tool will dwarf online travel agencies (OTAs) into oblivion or not. Or force airline companie to rethink their distribution model.

Now, it is still too early to tell how this game of titans will play out, but it will be interesting to see how much traction this new feature will get in coming days. Presently, only a few US cities are available for search & purchase, so I look forward to using it with Canadian cities and/or with international connections in mind once it all becomes available. Stay tuned for more details in coming weeks…

What do think, is Flight Search by Google simply evolution in the online travel distribution model? Or are we talking major disruption here?

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