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How Social Media & Mobile Change How We Travel [INFOGRAPHIC]

There have a been a few neat infographics about how social media and mobile (smartphones & tablets) are impacting the way we travel whether during the planning phase, while experiencing the trip of after the trip is done. I actually shared two of these over the past couple of weeks, which you can access by clicking here or here.

With summer vacations now behind us, I thought it worthwhile to share this infographic crafted by the folks at MDG Advertising, since it highlights stats I had not seen elsewhere before. Some impressive stuff! I have summarized some of the key nuggets, after the infographic. Read on!

Vacationing The Social Media Way [infographic by MDG Advertising]

Infographic by MDG Advertising

Key highlights

  • According to a survey by Allianz Global, of those customers planning a vacation, 29% intended to use Facebook as “inspiration” for their next vacation vs. 14% for TripAdvisor;
  • 51% of smartphone owners used their device to access flight or hotel contents (ComScore). Airlines list of mobile-related topics searched by users: prices, schedules and contact details;
  • In fact, smartphone usage has almost doubled from 2011 to 2012 for both checking flight schedules and checking-in for those flights!
  • Among traveling social media users, 74% of Americans use social media while on vacations;
  • Once travelers return home, user-generated content hits with 46% of travelers posting a hotel review, 40% posting an attraction, activity or restaurant review;
  • Last, but not least for brands who wish to keep the conversation going with fans and turn them into brand evangelists: 55% of travelers will “like” a page related to the vacation. It’s a good loyalty source for your travel marketing efforts.

Do you find any of these statistics startling, or does it simply confirm what you experience as a consumer or observe as a travel marketer?

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