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What Motivates Us to Travel? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Every year, TripAdvisor comes out with its TripBarometer: Psychology of Travel marketing report, examining the motivations behind travelers’ vacation choices, traveler emotions at the various stages of a vacation and the post-trip impact of travel. There are always some key nuggets of information in there, and this year is no different.

Below you will find the results particular to the Canadian market, but you can also find aggregated results for Asia, Europe, North America or the USA only on their website by clicking here.


While it’s clear we don’t all travel for the same reasons – some of us travel to live memorable experiences while others seek to meet other people – a key takeaway from this year’s study is that hoteliers don’t take advantage enough of communicating with their guests throughout the experience cycle.

From the moment travelers book their trip all the way to their return home, there are various moments when properties could and should reassure the guest, pump up the excitement (and increase cross-selling or up-selling revenues) as well as secure repeat business. Unfortunately, only a minority of properties grasp this opportunity.

In fact, only 16% try to make the guest feel like the holiday as already begun at the time of booking while 27% will provide travel suggestions before arriving at the destination!

For properties that perform well with more than 75% repeat business, communication is key with above average communications at the booking, pre-stay, during and post stages of travel.


Other interesting nuggets include how we tend to change our view of the world when we travel, and this survey tends to back up this theory. Indeed, we can see that returning from holidays inspire travelers to:

  • 49% of Canadians said it made them more tolerant of others?
  • 36% of Canadians said they wanted to learn another language. Heck we already speak two, why not three, right?
  • 35% of Canadians said they now wanted to discover their own city even more. Good news for Canadian tourism!
  • Even 24% of Canadians said they would focus more on their relationships. Good news here as well, for our lagging birth rate stats 🙂

Below is the complete infographic.

What Motivates Canadians to Travel. Source: TripBarometer Study 2014, by TripAdvisor

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