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Why Restaurants Need To Add Mobile To The Menu

As the iPhone recently celebrated its 10th anniversary, we’ve come to realize how important mobile has become in our everyday lives. This is particularly true in the travel and hospitality sphere, and restaurants are no different.

In fact, they are probably one of the most impacted by this on-the-move, always-on consumer behavior we are seeing nowadays.

The folks at BiznessApps came up with this brilliant infographic highlighting 12 reasons why restaurants ought to embrace the mobile reality in their everyday business practice.

Here are some key stats to bear in mind:

  • From 2016 to 2017, mobile payments are expected to nearly triple, from 27M$ to 63M$
  • 83% of adults use smartphones to look up restaurants, directions, locations opening hours
  • 50% of restaurant searches are made on mobile devices
  • 2/3 or those looking for a restaurant plan on making a purchase that same day – or within minutes!
  • 35% of restaurant consumers are sending text messaging or on social media while dining

Insights any restaurant owner need to take into consideration, knowing how fickle consumers can be when it comes to dining out, or ordering in.

12 killer reasons why restaurants need to add mobile to the menu






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