Marketing Tips For Your Live Streaming Efforts [INFOGRAPHIC]

May 24, 2018

While most travel brands are aware that video has become a key media to use to achieve above-average community engagement, live streaming is still an under-utilized functionality across social platforms where it is available. Yet, consider some of these stats:

  • 80% of customers would rather watch live videos from brands rather than read posts
  • Facebook Live videos are watched 3 times longer than regular ones
  • 63% of Millenials watch live content – 42% create it!
  • Twitch is one of the biggest live streaming sites with 10M active daily users

These are just a few of the insightful stats you will find in the following infographic created by the folks at Filmora on the topic. Check it out below!

Live Streaming On Social Media

Frederic Gonzalo
Frederic Gonzalo

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