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Are you ready for the mobile revolution?

Mobile statistics keep growing in all parts of the world and in almost all industries making it a difficult platform to avoid. This is particularly true in the travel industry but certainly not exclusive to it.

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Mobile traffic, including tablets, is on the rise and impacting how we will conduct business moving forward. It’s not something about to happen, or that will happen soon. It’s happening, now.

Mobile statistics

The folks at crafted this neat infographic that speaks loud and clear. While the above statistics are already five months old, they still paint a pretty clear picture of the phenomenon we are dealing with here: it’s called a revolution, and brands will need to adapt to this new reality. Mobile is not just a channel, it’s a behavior, a way of life.
Mobile commerce is perhaps the next biggest challenge we need to deal with since the advent of web sites and e-commerce back in the 1990s and into this millenium. Traffic is increasing and search is on the rise, be it through paid search or organic search assuming you have a mobile optimized site.

How active is your brand or company on mobile? Where does it fit into your 2012 strategy or in your 3-5 years marketing plan?

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