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Thank You 100 Times!

Well, it’s been a little over a year now since I started blogging and this week marked the 100th post milestone. Started at first as a curiosity and personal hobby, I started putting into practice a more professional approach in the Fall of 2011. Since then, growth has been consistent and organic from week to week.

That’s why I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you! Thanks for reading, sharing, commenting and forcing me to stay on target, focusing on topics we share interests in.

Some statistics

On March 2012, I transitioned this site from its WordPress platform to the Genesis framework, launching at the same time my consulting and conference speaking services. In the three month period, from March 1st to May 30th, there were 11,727 visits on this site, of which 9,311 were unique visitors.

Not bad, right? For those who prefer to see things in a more granular way, this represents 103 unique visitors per day, spending on average 1min14 reading contents on the site.

Diverse readership

New visitors vs. Returning visitors on siteLooking at readership demographics, it’s interesting to find that 55% are French-speaking, 40% are English-Speaking, while the other 5% visit the site coming from a foreign language ISP (spanisk, german, dutch, etc.).

Did you know this blog has a separate section in French with original and distinctive content? If you are interested, have a look and please feel free to subscribe in order to receive posts. It’s a separate RSS feed from the English-speaking one.

The most popular posts… so far

Here are the most popular posts so far this year:

1. Great Trends in Mobile [INFOGRAPHIC] (1,071 views)

2. Pinterest for tourism: the best thing since vanilla? (712 views)

3.  Why Instagram’s Acquisition by Facebook Is Good AND Bad (347 views)

Interestingly enough, I started syndicating this blog on two other sites, Social Media Today, and Business 2 Community. So the above statistics do not take into consideration the statistics accumulated on other sites, for example the post “Great Trends in Mobile” that appeared on Social Media Today and was one the top 3 most read articles in May 2012 with over 13k reads!

Frederic Gonzalo on Social Media TodayWhat to expect in the next 6 months

It was a New Year resolution and six months later, I’m proud to be sticking to it with a weekly post, in each language (French & English). I keep telling my clients that frequency and consistency are key to a successful online content strategy, I figure I must walk the talk, right?

There are a couple of topics I hope to address in coming weeks and months, beginning by success stories in the online travel sphere. I will also continue to cover evolving trends in the distribution channels and social media landscape, in particular as it pertains to mobile and local.

Focus on travel marketing

Marketing, communications and management fields are in rapid evolution with the social media and mobile paradigm shifts affecting us all, so it will be interesting to see how we react in our every day lives, both from a personal and professional perspective.

So, lots to write and read about in the upcoming months. Thanks again for being there, and I look forward to traveling unchartered waters with you in the latter part of 2012 leading us to the end of the world, in December, according to some Mayan calendar… 🙂

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