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The relationship we have with our mobile phone

No, this is not a blog post filled with stats about how mobile, smart phones and other hand held devices have taken over our lives. I just thought I would share this statistic, shared last week at the Association of Travel Marketing Executives (ATME) Annual Conference, in Boston. It says a lot about the relationship we have with our mobile phone!

According to a recent Google study, it appears 11% of mobile users have screamed at their smart phone due to a bad experience with a downloaded application. Makes me wonder how many of them actually got a reply back from the phone! 4% of users were said to have thrown their device in frustration. Study did not say how many actually succeeded in destroying the device.

This begs the question: are you a part of this 11%? Or even of this 4% of mobile user population? C’mon, really?

I know I am… (The 11%, that is!) 🙂

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