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Les 10 étapes du marketing d'influence

Your 10-Step Roadmap for Influencer Marketing [Infographic]

When it comes to promoting your brand, generating buzz and creating awareness, there have usually been pretty much three ways to go about this:

  1. Do it yourself: with owned media, such as your website, corporate blog, brochures, photos, videos, newsletter and other similar outposts, you can reach a qualified audience, in particular if your are savvy with relationship marketing tactics. The challenge is to get substantial reach.
  2. Pay to play: with paid media, or advertising, brands can access sizeable audiences either through traditional outlets such as TV, radio, print and out-of-home billboards, or online with AdWords campaigns, banners and social media advertising. It’s not always easy to keep up with investments in an increasingly fragmented space.
  3. Get people to talk about your brand: also known as earned media, this used to boil down to effective public relations to get journalists and high-level influencers to talk about your product or service on a trusted, third-party platform, usually mainstream media. Nowadays, this can take place on pretty much any popular social media, where anybody and everybody is a potential influencer with their own audiences and networks.

In recent years, with limited resources to cover all possible owned media tactics, not to mention content shock, and fragmented audiences making it more difficult to choose the right media, more and more travel brands are banking on user-generated content (UGC), repurposing images from Instagram on Facebook or newsletters for example.

The 10 steps of an influencer marketing campaign

But if and when you are thinking of influencer marketing, this process requires more in-depth thinking in order to get the message across in their specific niche: culture buffs, foodies, adventurers, backpackers on a shoe string, luxury travelers, cruise aficionados, etc.

The folks at Mediakix came up with this insightful infographic, outlining a 10-step roadmap to make sure your next influencer marketing campaign hits the mark. Check it out!

influencer marketing guide steps
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