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The Influencer Marketing Revolution

Micro Or Macro Influencers – Which Is Best ? [INFOGRAPHIC]

When it comes to influencer marketing, it ends up too often being a “numbers” game where brands will tend to team up with influencers that have the biggest audience or amount of followers on their various social platforms.

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This brings up the ageless question: which is better, quality or quantity? Unfortunately, as we all know, it rarely boils down to such a simplistic question…

Quantity or Quality?

Before anything, start by wondering why you may want to collaborate with influencers to begin with. I suggest you read 5 reasons to work with an influencer and see if this tactic is right for your business.

Then, as you work you way into your 10-steps of an influencer marketing campaign, you will arrive at the point when you need to decide what type of influencer you may want to work with. The answer could be… to work with BOTH micro and macro influencers!

The folks at Right Mix Marketing summarizes the key points to consider in this infographic, highlighting pros and cons of dealing with micro and macro influencers.

The Influencer Markeing Revolution (Infographic)
The Influencer Marketing Revolution (Infographic)

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