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The Surprising Effects of Travel of Your Health [INFOGRAPHIC]

We have reached mid-February and perhaps some of those New Year resolutions have come and gone already. Wanted to travel more this year? Or perhaps get in shape and eat better? Well those two wishes should not have to be mutually exclusive.

Many of us don’t even take all the vacation time we are given on a yearly basis, i.e. Is Working Vacation An Oxymoron? But when we do take time away for travel, whether we do so for business or leisure won’t necessarily provide the same level of satisfaction nor will it affect our daily habits the same way.

Surprising Effects on Your Health and Well-Being

The folks at came up with a very insightful infographic comparing both types of travel and how they impact us differently. As it mentions in there, for the health-conscious, it’s easier to have a healthy vacation than a healthy business trip. Not convinced? Check out the details in the infographic below.

the-surprising-effects-travel-72dpi-PNG (1)

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